Shabaz Ahmed Lacked The Confidence To Start His Business, But He Took A Leap Of Faith And It Has Paid Off

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2020 / Believing in yourself is something that is difficult for most people. We lack confidence in ourselves for a number of reasons, but the outcome is still the same, which is an inability to achieve our goals because of the struggle. Shabaz Ahmed is an entrepreneur who found that making money was the easy part of his job, but finding the confidence in himself was what he was truly lacking. He now runs an incredibly successful e-commerce business that helps people build money on the side.

“Making a million pounds is the easy part, but the hardest part is believing in yourself that you could make it happen. The reason most people aren’t successful is because they doubt themselves and they lack confidence. I used to lack confidence until I came across mentors who believed that I could make it which gave me a boost in confidence.” Shabaz explains.

Shabaz’s lack of confidence stems somewhat from the way in which he grew up. He went through a lot of struggle in order to achieve his success. Many people from his background do not grow up to be successful, so with that mindset, he started off not believing in himself as much as some others in his field.

“I came from an average background living off government benefits to get by in life. I failed in school and dropped out of 3 different colleges. I came across home based business at the age of 21 and decided to take it with both of my hands. I didn’t have much success in the start but by staying consistent my business has become a success. All my life i’ve been told i will never become successful or get a good job. Now, I have been travelling around the world and been speaking on stage in front of 10,000+.” recounts Shabaz.

For Shabaz, fear is something that everyone has, including him. This fear can only be overcome by following your dreams and beginning to find your stride and confidence. He claims that we are all afraid at first, but you can only be truly successful if you take that first step in overcoming what holds you back, which is normally yourself.

“I believe everyone has fear but when you have the courage to do what you’re scared of you will become confident. Every successful person was scared to make their first phone call. Most men have been scared to approach that woman of their desire but eventually they had the courage to go and approach them. You will get 2 answers either a NO or Yes. A no will build your character, a yes will build your income. You see you need character to become successful, so you need to go through as many ” NO” as possible. You will gain more experience by going through rejection.” says Shabaz.

Shabaz worked incredibly hard to get where he is and had to overcome numerous obstacles to get to this level of success and financial freedom. Now, he has time to enjoy his life. He is hoping, in the coming year, to grow his business and get more people involved.

“I have over 5000 members in my organization and my goal is to triple those numbers and help as many people grow mentally, spiritually and financially. Having money and time combined is everything for me. Imagine spending a few years building a business and now wherever you’re travelling to, you’re getting paid at the same time. The best feeling is waking up and not worrying about money and you just get on with your day.” Shabaz comments.

His advice for those trying to create the same level of success: don’t try and learn everything about the business, but just go for it! This advice works in tandem with his previous advice of being ready to accept the “no’s” and the failures that come with trying to put your ideas out into the world.

“Don’t try to learn everything and then start the business, most people who have that mindset don’t end up starting the business at all. Start your business and learn as you go, find mentors from the industry you’re a part of and learn from their mistakes. There are so many success stories in all industries, you have to find those mentors and become coachable and teachable.” advises Shabaz.

To find out more about Shabaz, you can follow him on Instagram @shabazfx.


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