Rosebuds Investments CEO, Jamisa McIvor, Helps Budding Real Estate Investors Break Ground on Their Dreams

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2020 / ​​​​The world of real estate has long been dominated by wealthy men who can afford to take risks and bare losses that would be crippling to the average person. In their monopoly they have overtaken entire communities, driving up prices preventing those with a little less to work with from making purchases. Real estate powerhouse, Jamisa McIvor, is bringing an end to this practice through her company Rosebuds Investments. With training and specialized support Jamisa is helping people on all income levels realize their goals of property ownership.

At the age of 26 Jamisa’s portfolio includes 20 properties owned outright with no mortgage, something unheard of for someone so young. Jamisa’s beginnings are as humble as she is. Growing up in South Philadelphia, Jamisa made her first home purchase from her grandmother (and the inspiration for the business name) at the age of 19. As time went on, the need for renovations to the home became overwhelming for Jamisa who worked as a cashier, she made the hard decision to sell the home. The profits from her first sale helped Jamisa invest in her second property and set her on the path of entrepreneurship and education that more than a few of her nearly 17k followers are thankful for.

Rosebuds Investments takes the fear and misinformation out of the equation for its clients. With support for every level of investor, from the slightly curious to the well-versed, Jamisa and her team will show you how to purchase property without credit based on your individual needs. Their mission statement says it all, “Our mission is to inspire people to attain what some would perceive to be impossible.” Rosebuds Investments does just that, not only through their training courses and individualized services, but through charity as well. The welfare to work arm of Rosebuds Investments provides mothers with the necessary resources to create their own independence through financial literacy and home buying programs. As a wife and mother of four young children, Jamisa uniquely appreciates the challenges faced by women with children and hopes to help them build their own generational wealth free of government support.

Jamisa represents a new segment of faces in the real estate game, pulling the veil back on long-held insights that have previously prevented working-class people from attaining their property ownership goals. Rosebuds Investments continues to push forward the established belief that ownership is freedom. With her proven method, more than 1000 clients have reached their goals and Jamisa’s plan is to keep creating wealth for anyone willing to learn for generations to come. Visit to see this millennial mogul’s expertise in action.

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