PayAccept Promises to Bridge the Gap between Traditional and Digital Financial Ecosystem

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2020 / PayAccept Promises to Bridge the Gap Between Traditional and Digital Financial Ecosystem.

PayAccept, a Dutch-based digital payment processing and management platform promise to change the way people interact with the financial crypto ecosystem. The rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency has created a parallel financial market, which many are interested in. Still, the technological complications restrict many from accessing it.

PayAccept promises to create a bridge between the traditional financial market and the emerging blockchain and digital asset market. They add a technology layer on top of the blockchain, to make it more accessible and help companies manage crypto assets efficiently.

The platform uses the latest digital wallet management standards to offer users an intuitive layout, powerful and lightning-fast features while obtaining maximum security of funds. The platform is set to launch with 50 top cryptocurrencies and promise to add more as per the customer demand. The firm promotes bringing digital assets to masses with its digital wallet management, allowing for safe and secure transactions.

Christiaan van Steenbergen, the founder of PayAccept, commented on the aim behind creating PayAccept and said:

“The relevance and potential of Blockchain technology to disrupt existing ways of global financial transactions is huge. It’s simplifying a global digital economy, capable of offering traditional blockchain-based financial instruments. Digital wallets, loans (DeFi), joint corporate accounts, currency conversions, physical credit and debit cards for crypto and fiat assets, are all easily managed and a must for many users looking to explore the world of crypto.”

PayAccept wants to become an Electronic Money Institute.

PayAccept is determined to become an Electronic Money Institute through its ecosystem comprising of various products and services. It would help them create a fully recognized institute that can handle a lot of volume between fiat and crypto without being attached to a bank. The firm would start with the mainstream fiat-currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, TRY, and CNY.

Christiaan van Steenbergen explained how the ecosystem would function and said:

PayAccept is a fully decentralized platform that does not require a central organization. By removing the intermediation layer, the user is in control of the digital assets. With the current developments from the industry, PayAccept is entering an emerging market. We make it possible to add various exchanges, crypto wallets, blockchains, crypto assets, and combined it into one platform. Our ultimate goal is to provide everyone around the world, access to financial resources.”

PayAccept Ecosystem: Products and Services

Building a hybrid financial ecosystem of the future requires PayAccept to deploy an ecosystem that comprises a range of products and services to reach the masses. The ecosystem is designed to cater to the needs of a newcomer with no prior experience in trading or managing digital assets as well as institutional investors with a diverse portfolio.

PayAccept ecosystem would allow users to link multiple bank accounts to their profile for and make it easy to swap crypto-assets. The platform would offer cold storage services to ensure the security of funds and allow the users to manage their private keys. All the accounts on the platform would be blockchain-powered to ensure privacy and security of the highest order.

Some of the essential products and service of the ecosystem include:

Payments: PayAccept will offer a full secure wallet management system, which would integrate crypto assets such as crypto commodities (digital gold), crypto tokens (colored coins, stable-coins), payment tokens, asset tokens, utility tokens along with traditional assets such as fiat money, vouchers, gift cards, stocks, bonds, and derivatives. All these assets will be available for cross border, 24/7, censorship proof transactions with minimal transaction costs, and no need for intermediaries.

Payment Cards: PayAccept card will be a significant network brand debit and credit card, by default enabling it to be accepted at millions of locations and payment terminals worldwide. The cryptocurrency or fiat card balances will be funded from a user’s wallet. Users will be able to spend their fiat directly and convert cryptocurrencies with real-time conversions powered by liquidity providers and exchanges.

Users will be able to connect a preferred cryptocurrency to the card for payments; otherwise, as a backup, traditional fiat for payments will always be available given a positive balance. PayAccept cards will be issued with a QR-code and integrated NFC chip that will communicate with PayAccept payment terminals.

PayAccept’s native PAYT Token is already listed on Uniswap and has received a phenomenal response since its launch. The platform would also conduct an IEO on Exmarket from 14th August and launch the token on other exchanges in the upcoming month.

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