Vietnamese USDT market: Problems and Solutions

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / MARCH 18, 2020 / Vietnam is one of the most emerging cryptocurrency markets in the world. The demands of USDT grow days by days. However, the exchange rate of USDT/VND isn’t affordable.

Existing USDT problems in the Vietnamese market

The unstructured market
The majority of USDT trading in Vietnam are handled by individual brokers networks, which contains multiple defects and risks, and these would slow down the development and expansion of the industry.

Instead, an established market structure could lead the Vietnamese market to adapt faster by avoiding the following issues:

  • Unstable pricing: Price could be different from brokers to brokers due to unevenly distributed information.
  • Supply issues: In order to accomplish a large volume of deal, an individual trader needs to deal with multiple brokers and that causes lots of extra work and risks.
  • Security issues: Security of trading has always been the main issue within the OTC market, especially for newcomers who do not have the network or connection to testify the broker.

The lack of professional distributors
There are few trading platforms and OTC platforms existing in Vietnam, while many of the platforms are operated in the traditional way.

That causes beginners must seek brokers and exchangers, take the risk that these people may be uncreditable. With no connection and low knowledge of the market, individual traders may be scammed and harmed by the bad guys.

VETHER Gateway: Top-pick solution for purchasing cheapest USDT
Vether is the one-stop solution for fiat to USDT gateway, with customized product flow and unique supply source, Vether allows users to obtain USDT in just some clicks. Moreover, Vether guarantees the best USDT price in the Vietnamese market.

Vether aims to become the major USDT distributor in the market, leveraging the development of blockchain and becoming the essential tool within USDT and crypto real-life using scenarios.

The outstanding features of Vether include:

  • The stable and best price of USDT in Vietnam: Vether sources USDT directly from Tether and its prime distributors, without any third parties involved. As a result, Vether is always able to provide the finest USDT price.
  • Variety of channels: Vether keeps putting effort into developing not just mobile application, but other different channels and interfaces to meet the demand of market and business partners, including POS machine, ATM, Debit Card, and offline distribution.
  • Asia Pacific expansion: Vether has established connections in all major Asia Pacific countries including Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Vether has a strong, experienced and enthusiastic team. Vether team has worked in many fields from the traditional trade market to the finance and blockchain industry.

On March 14th, 2020, Vether successfully organized an intimate dinner party for big players and investors in Vietnam. They discussed the potential of cryptocurrency and particularly USDT in the local market. With the USDT/VND market constantly growing, the creative and innovative players will receive more and more benefits.

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