GCA Group Attended the WIKI Finance EXPO, DEFI Economics Surprised the Traditional Finance

JEJU ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / February 24, 2020 / On February 23, 2020, GCA Group, invited by WIKI EXPO, attended the WIKI Finance EXPO held at Windsor Plaza Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The DIFI mode of finance & block chain technology brought by GCA Group has injected a new vitality into this traditional global financial feast. The financial elites attending the meeting were attracted by this model and came to seek cooperation.

Among dozens of financial exhibitors, GCA is undoubtedly the most popular one.

First, drawing attention all over the world, what is the WIKI Finance EXPO?

This the WIKI Finance EXPO had got a lot of attention. Guests invited include Mr. Lu Hudi from Insight, 4 Group (I4G), and he is the founder and chief executive; Mr. Wu Guangguang, founder of vnSmart vision.com; Mr. HA Dung Hoang from Human Development Bank Foreign Exchange, a commodities trading financial expert; senior financial account manager, Mr. Denson, Hector; Sigma co-founder and chief executive , Mr. Nguyen le Kha and other finance leaders.

Besides the above guests, more than 3,000 financial professionals all the world attended this conference. And the appeal and industry influence of it can be seen obviously.

As an organization specializing in financial data and foreign exchange media, WIKI is known for its high standards and quality of industry conferences. So far, WIKI has hosted seven high-profile financial conferences in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, and Taiwan, China and other cities.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where the conference was held, was also handpicked by WIKI. Vietnam is the fastest growing country in southeast Asia and the Asean region. It has huge financial potential. The financial market size of Vietnam is expected to reach a record high of 7.8 billion us dollars by 2020.

Second, new and old financial modes clash, DEFI wins the trend

As an event, all guests gather together, in addition to sharing experience and exchanging industry information, many companies show their own expertise too. What GCA brought to the conference was DEFI- decentralized finance, a new technology and financial product. DEFI is a new financial model supported by block chain technology. Judging from the number of onlookers, it was clear that GCA group had become the focus of everyone.

It is the “new”, “high” and “far” features of DEFI that make the GCA stand out. In addition, the audience are all financial industry practitioners, whose keen sense of smell tells them that DEFI will be the next financial industry outlet they are looking for.

“New” refers to the fact that DEFI, a technology finance company, has just been launched. The traditional financial world is still on the fence about DEFI, so a financial innovator is needed to find a new path for the industry, and GCA is undoubtedly the financial innovator.

“High” refers to the high rate of return of DIFI. The stable financial products in the traditional financial industry can be regarded as high yield products with an annual rate of return of 10%.In DIFI field, due to the support of block chain technology, the return rate of DEFI products is usually much higher than the 10% annualized index, and the return rate beyond the traditional financial recognition makes GCA group highly favored.

“Far” is that DEFI represents the future direction of global finance and must be viewed with great foresight. Although the DEFI model of GCA is far from being able to compare with the multi-trillion scale global financial industry, GCA has the vitality that the traditional financial industry lacks, so GCA is better than the trend.

Through this conference, GCA group has embedded the seeds of technology finance DIFI deep into the soil of traditional finance, which is the global financial innovation expected by the host WIKI.I believe we will see the emergence of the DIFI model in more and more traditional financial institutions in the future. Don’t forget that GCA is the evangelist of DIFI.

Third, what is GCA?

GCA is the abbreviation of global digital asset management group. GCA group is composed of a group of innovative financial talents and blockchain technology masters, determined to be the most professional encrypted digital asset manager in the world.DEFI is the product of the combination of block chain and finance by GCA. Through DEFI, the return on investment of GCA group repeatedly exceeds the expectation of customers.

At present, GCA owns five ecologies including finance ecology, finance ecology, application ecology, public chain ecology and community ecology. Through the integration of ecologies, GCA serves more users and enables each one to enjoy the wealth appreciation brought by DEFI economy.

As traditional finance enters its twilight years, the emergence of the GCA group has brought new vitality to global finance.


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