Wendell Miracle Pialet: An Star Setting a New Instagram Standard

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2020 / In a material world where superficial role models bring in the most money, and material gain is valued more than emotional well-being, navigating the social and career boundaries of life can prove to be challenging. New cultural standards that we have set have produced a novel channel of employment opportunities: making your name through social media.

Figures on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok contribute to an industry valued at over a billion dollars and have made their influencer status into their career paths. However, the influencer life isn’t all that it seems to be on the surface; scandals rock the worlds of these overnight celebrities every day. From leaked pictures to scathing uncoverings of old tweets and posts, their lives may appear perfect on their feeds, but the toxicity of our new media culture and lack of privacy can bring down even the most popular of these new age stars. So this begs the question: is it still possible to build a sustainable global network around you that cycles primarily positive energy? Influencer Wendell Miracle Pialet has one answer for us: yes.

Wendell Miracle Pialet is one of very few social media influencers that has managed to escape the wear and tear of stardom. But this isn’t by luck – rather it should be primarily credited to the authentic nature of his brand on and off the internet. Wendell’s platform on Instagram is home to over two hundred and forty thousand followers: all loyal fans, friends, and clients who visit his page for daily inspiration in the form of original quotes and motivational videos. Wendell’s God-driven posts encourage his followers to embrace obstacles, stay optimistic, and appreciate life whenever they can. And unlike other influencers, Wendell’s brand is uniquely his own. He doesn’t use his fame to advertise products or services that he doesn’t believe in, and isn’t in the game for the monetary gain. Rather, he works on a plane dedicated to boosting the emotional wellbeing of his followers.

Wendell isn’t just a prominent figure on Instagram. The founder and owner of Hope Nuggets, a consulting agency in the field of emotional health (and his social media username), he also works as a motivational speaker, CEO, mental health awareness advocate, entrepreneur, and up and coming author. But while Wendell may have a clean slate in his now massive sphere of influence, his life wasn’t always so healthy and ideal. After his mother had lost a decade long battle to cancer in 2012, Wendell entered a downward spiral of depression and anxiety. He quit his steady income job, burned through all of his money, and quickly fell to the claws of debt and loneliness. However, he turned to God and the strength within himself, and found a way to start healing. Originally from the Philippines, the once New Jersey resident and now San Diego celebrity has inspired family, friends, and fans from across the world with his persistence and passion.

Wendell Miracle Pialet has defied all of the cultural standards set forth in this new age of social media influencers. He has transformed the pain of his life experiences into life lessons and positive anecdotes for his followers and clients, and effectively created a network of positive energy. A global phenom and ball of light, Wendell Miracle has made his mark on the media world.

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