Talisman Casualty Licensing Company Explains Their Program Business Solutions

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2020 / Las Vegas, Nevada based Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is reaching out to the wider community to explain their Program Business Solutions. Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is a specialized insurance company that provides its clients with an alternative risk transfer option for liability and property insurance. More information about the services provided by the company can be found at the following link: Who is Talisman Casualty.

A representative for Talisman Casualty says, “Nearly 15 million Americans are self-employed. They employ an additional 29 million workers, and more and more of these self-employed small and medium-sized businesses are choosing to self insure. The lag in the commercial market for GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance and other business coverages that can evolve with the modern needs of entrepreneurs is the space that captive insurers can fill in. Unfortunately, the economy is not going to wait for those who are slow to embrace the future and Talisman Casualty’s Program Business Solution is part of that future.”

‘Program Business’ refers to groupings of insurance customers or applicants with common operations that often form associations or Risk Purchasing Groups (RPGs). Examples include ambulance services, new car dealerships, and mental health facilities. According to Talisman Casualty, the program business is perfect for the segregated cell insurance structure. The company says that models can be tested within the cell itself, and the ease and flexibility of modifying underwriting methodology, risk management, and risk ceding allows for the tailoring of programs which can provide opportunities for managing general agencies, general underwriters, associations, industry groups, and any sector of the market where capacity has been restricted access to insurance.

The representative says, “There are many benefits to program business utilizing cell captive insurance, including but not limited to lowering cost, enhancing service, and sharing underwriting profits with insureds. Creativity and innovation are at the forefront of shaping the landscape of the modern insurance market, and the fragmented nature of the risk management industry allows entrepreneurs to monetize their ideas with greater speed and efficiency than ever before.”

The insurance company explains that another key benefit of using Program Business is that Programs can be modified efficiently when analytical feedback is tailored to a certain group of program participants with a homogeneous purpose. In addition, the cell captive programs have many options in coverage and can be structured to transfer risk that needs a flexible underwriting platform.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company specializes in ‘captive insurance,’ wherein an insurance business is created that is completely controlled and owned by its own insureds. According to Talisman Casualty’s representative, the main purpose of having a captive insurer is the insurance of the risks of its owners. When being insured by a captive insurer, the insured companies are able to benefit from the underwriting profits of the captive insurer.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company’s representative says, “As an insurance company, we prioritize in displaying the utmost professionalism in all that we do. From the tremendously organized policies we have to high quality, high standard claims process, we are one of the most trusted insurance companies across the world. If you are looking for a trustworthy and legitimate insurance provider who does not cut corners, we are your best option. Our team is comprised of industry veterans who have worked in insurance for decades and their expertise can be seen in each step of the process, from the initial consultation to the claims process and beyond.”

The company has a proven track record of success as a captive insurer in a rapidly expanding insurance marketplace that currently boast over 7,006 captives licensed worldwide and a staggering $55 billion of global captive premium. Within Nevada, where Talisman Casualty operates, the captive insurance market has over 204 licensed companies with over $4 billion of captive premiums.

Those who wish to learn more about Talisman Casualty Insurance Company and the various services they provide can find more information on the company’s website. Additionally, they encourage interested parties to get in touch with them directly via email, phone, or the contact form on their website. Talisman Casualty Insurance Company also maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates and communicate with their customers. Further details about the company can also be found at the following link: Talisman Casualty Licensing.


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