Curb Appeal Detailing Announces Grand Opening of New Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida

Established, highly-rated mobile detailing company to set up shop in Sarasota

SARASOTA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2020 / Curb Appeal Detailing is making themselves a new permanent home in Sarasota, Florida, and car enthusiasts couldn’t be happier. The car, motorcycle, and boat detailing service has been making waves in the automobile community, and for good reason: their services are widely considered to be top-notch (“We treat every job with the respect and care as if it were our own!”, they claim on their website-a claim that’s hard to argue with when you see their results). Curb Appeal Detailing takes it a step further by providing mobile service, bringing professional detailing to your door.


While it’s true their clientele regularly consists of lots of high-end super and hypercars, they encourage anybody to take advantage of their expertise. In addition to multiple levels of auto detailing services, Curb Appeal Detailing also specializes in paint correction and ceramic coatings to give your ride a truly fresh-off-the-lot look.

How a One Man’s Dream Turned into the Best Auto Detailing in Sarasota

Curb Appeal Detailing wasn’t always the heavy hitter in the industry they are today, though it may surprise some to find out how relatively young the company still is. Founded in 2017 by Adam Hindman, the company has already grown to $250,000 in revenue in less than three years. What makes this statistic even more impressive is the fact that there have been no investors or loans; their revenue is purely business cash flow. In owner Adam Hindman’s own words (or word), these kinds of results come down to one basic principle: “Hustle.”

Adam Hindman is no stranger to hustle: his work ethic has driven him through life and given him the means to actualize his ideas into reality. Possessing a self-confessed entrepreneur’s mindset, Mr. Hindman recalls his first voyage into the world of professionals: “My first memory of my first ‘business’ was a taxi company where I would shuttle other kids around the neighborhood on my bike pegs in exchange for a couple of bucks.”

This sort of business acumen would inform Mr. Hindman’s life throughout various endeavors such as selling thousands of dollars worth of t-shirts to his classmates while still in high school. After two months at university, Mr. Hindman realized there were bigger things in store for him: he dropped out, gained experience working in an auto body shop, and soon made the move to Sarasota, Florida in order to be closer to his two sisters.

With nothing more than a van, his skillset, and a dream of providing the best auto detailing services to his local community, Adam Hindman was able to build Curb Appeal Detailing into what it is today, and it shows no signs of slowing its growth.

Curb Appeal Detailing’s Plan for 2020 and Beyond

As a result of Curb Appeal Detailing’s success, Mr. Hindman has been able to start his second company: Coastline Shine LLC. Coastline Shine produces Ocean Spray Wax for use in Curb Appeal Detailing’s own service details as well as for sale to DIY customers who are passionate about their own vehicles. In 2020, Coastline Shine LLC will be expanding into a full product line to cover all sorts of detailing needs.

Curb Appeal Detailing, in addition to opening their new headquarters, will be adding even more team members and vans to their squad of professional detailers in order to keep up with demand.

Grand Opening Details

On Saturday, January 11th from 4 to 10 PM, Curb Appeal Detailing will be holding their grand opening event at their new location. If you visit them at 6234 Clarity Ct, Sarasota, FL 34240, you’ll be able to take part in the first of many car shows to come! Food trucks will be on hand, serving some of the best local grub for you to enjoy while seeing who wins the Best in Class contest, playing games, listening to music, and more.

Don’t forget to participate in the raffle when you go: for every $25 you spend on merchandise, you’ll gain a chance to win a paint correction and ceramic coating, free of charge.

To get in touch with Curb Appeal Detailing for your own detailing needs, you can:


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