Global Better Blockchain Forum & GGAME FOOGA Global Premiere has been successfully concluded.

Ankara,Turkish / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2019 / On September 7, 2019, at 10:00 Turkish time, Global Better Blockchain Forum & GGAME FOOGA Global Premiere was held at the five-star Nirvana Hotel in Turkey. The forum was sponsored by the Block Chain Ecology Foundation under the Turkish MC, assisted by the commercial entertainment chain PNC GGAME, and supported by well-known Turkish media as strategic partners.

More than 3 million people viewed the live press conference online. At 10:00 on September 7, a better block chain forum & Global Better Blockchain Forum & GGAME FOOGA Global Premiere is sponsored by Turkey MC’s Block Chain Ecology Foundation and jointly organized by GGAME, PNC and well-known Turkish media. Many leading European block chain experts and technology executives, Michael Kolen, chief investment officer of MC), Dougan Jason, a famous Turkish angel investor, Herbert, director of parallel network technology, DickBove, product manager of FOOGA, and FOOGA game development team, Paras Adenwala, representative of state bank of India, and well-known Turkish media all discussed the future development of the block chain in this form. Better Blockchain Forum aims to gather industry strength, develop and provide new ideas and solutions, promote the implementation of better block chain industry, and promote the development of digital industry in the belt and road initiative region of Eurasia plate, so as to benefit more people through the combination of new financial technology and entertainment application of block chain.

Herbert, director of parallel network technology, pointed out that the token economy brought about by block chain technology has triggered a revolutionary new phenomenon. Traditional commercial fields require a large number of intermediaries and agents, while block chains establish point-to-point trust, and disintermediation can break geographical boundaries. For the block chain commercial finance and the block chain entertainment market, the block chain commercial+entertainment market is a blue sea, and the block chain “commercial entertainment” market will become a new trend in 2020. Among them, game entertainment will become a new scene for large-scale block chain distributed applications. According to the data analysis of the application ranking of the block chain industry, based on the data of all DApp websites on the public chain such as Ethernet, nebula, equation of state, etc. DApp’s applications are mainly distributed in games, entertainment, social networks and communication. Therefore, entertainment+games is the most promising distributed application of block chain after block chain finance, and the influence of “block chain commercial finance+game entertainment” is unpredictable now.

Turkish MC Obtains Three-in-One Financial License in Cyprus (Photo)

GGAME Block Chain Ecology Foundation Announces Strategic Investment from Turkish MC. (Picture)

GGAME Block Chain Ecology Foundation Announces Strategic Investment from Turkish MC. Founded in 2006, the MC is a holding consortium engaged in scientific and technological innovation and alternative asset investment, and has been awarded the title of Turkey’s Top 50 Investment Institutions for many years. With several seven-star hotels in Turkey as strategic partners, it has jointly launched several venture capital funds with asset management of billions of dollars or more, leading dozens of companies to list on European capital markets.

In addition to MC’s strategic investment, GGAME Ecological Foundation said that several teams of computer experts and economic experts, including block chain scholars from California Institute of Technology and Turkey Block Chain Institute, will integrate the theoretical results of block chain games and business simulation games into FOOGA. GGAME Ecological Community consists of five parts, including global chain game interaction, monopoly of 1.0 chain game system, monopoly of 2.0 global game and tourism system, global intellectual property co-creation plan, and game and tourism distribution platform. Taking Fooga token as the core of GGAME global ecology, Fooga token holders can enjoy all rights of GGAME ecology.

At the forum, GGAME Blockchain Ecological Foundation officially announced “Block Chain+Game and Tourism Solutions”. According to the introduction of GGAME Block Chain Ecological Foundation, the game end of the chain is integrated with the global tourism ecosystem through international cutting-edge block chain technology and global operating resources. This will help to improve the efficiency of capital allocation, increase liquidity, support the real economy, ensure relevant information will not be tampered with, and at the same time have repeated financing and tracking. Global circulation can also be realized through the block chain, which will bring greater dividends to the industry and investors and push the world economy into the era of “enjoying the game” in the block chain.

DickBove, product manager of FOOGA, said that FOOGA is a new block chain entertainment game solution built by GGAME ecology based on the underlying cross-chain technology. It aims to realize the globalization of the dual entertainment ecology of “on-chain games+off-chain tourism” by using block chain technology and build the world’s first block chain game and tourism system. The FOOGA technology team will continue to break through the “open, reliable, efficient and decentralized game and tourism entertainment ecology based on the bottom technology of the block chain” in the field of block chain technology, take the lead in providing safer, more transparent and more efficient solutions for the global block chain game industry, and promote the healthy development of the block chain game industry. DickBove called on the global elites in the block chain industry to work together to seize the global trend of block chain new games+entertainment and create a new era of block chain games.

With the globalization of the future market, more and more games, publishers, distributors and users will join the GGAME ecosystem. FOOGA can be applied to various application scenarios and systems, breaking the barriers between traditional gaming, publishing and tourism systems and channels. Through the operation, more and more users will also bring more benefits and eventually form a GGAME super community with game and tourism sharing, global usage and independent communication.

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