Dr. Ali Cadili Establishes The First Medical School In Saskatchewan

REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2019 / The school of Natural Medical Aesthetics is the first medical school in Saskatchewan, focusing on the studies of medical aesthetics operations towards the face and body. Started by Dr. Ali Cadili, this program allows a comprehensive six-week program to get students into the door of medical clinics in Canada.

For students interested in the Medical Aesthetics professional field, there can often be many choices for students to choose from when deciding their choice. Even for those interested in other medical fields, taking a program in medical aesthetics can provide students the proper resources and skills for those who are still unsure about which field of medicine they are planning to pursue. After receiving training from a medical aesthetics program, students have a wide variety of options to choose from, and they are able to work under Canadian doctors with the required training. With this in mind, students from Regina, Saskatchewan can consider looking into a new medical aesthetics school operated by Dr. Ali Cadili called the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics.

Dr. Cadili specializes in Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery after having carefully decided which path of surgery to take on. He completed his residency in General Surgery in 2012 and later worked as a General Surgeon for the next six years. His love for general surgery made it a difficult one to narrow down his specialization, but he ultimately decided to move on with Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery after much thought and consideration. The decision allowed him to practice general surgery, and both complemented his needs, personal strengths, as well as desires of fulfillment.

About the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics

Created by Dr. Ali Cadili, the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics is a six-week program designed for students to immediately start working with medical aesthetics upon completion of the course. The first four weeks of the course are 100% online and provide the theory of medical aesthetics. After four weeks, students spend the last two weeks coming into the clinic to practice what they have learned in a medical grad aesthetic lab with equipment that focuses on altering the skin and body.

This program is unique to the Saskatchewan region as most schools of this program typically span 9-10 months long. Students who would benefit from this course include those wanting a medical aesthetics certificate for a full-time or part-time job, or those looking to gain experience working with medical professions and patients before pursuing medical school.

More information can be found at: https://naturalmedicalaesthetics.ca

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Phone: +1 (306) 559-0830

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