Heartwarming Video Shines Light on “Down Syndrome Abilities” Secures Millions of Views for World’s Greatest Videos(TM)

SAN ANTONIO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2019 / When Michael Carey heard about World’s Greatest Videos™, he thought that posting a video sounded like fun. He even believed the video had a decent chance of winning a prize. What he did not know is that the video would go viral, spiraling he, his girlfriend Tabatha O’Connor, and her daughter, Lyric Kolodejcak, into the global spotlight.

The timing could not be better. Michael could use some good news.

Tabatha has been battling aggressive cancer. This leaves her and Michael concerned about Lyric’s future. Lyric has Down Syndrome and will need life-long care. However, Michael got to escape life’s harsh realities for a time when he submitted a video aptly titled, “Down Syndrome ABILITIES” to World’s Greatest Videos™.

Lyric Kolodejcak, co-star of “Down Syndrome Abilities”

Michael’s video has won hearts and minds of more than 5,000,000 people throughout the world. Five-year-old Lyric loves the camera; and, Michael and Tabatha are gifted musicians. So, to no one’s surprise, capturing the magic moment of Michael and Lyric singing the classic Elvis song, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” has created a groundswell of adoring fans…and a lot of registrations for the San Antonio-based video contest site.

“I was so excited when I heard my video won!” said Michael. “As you might imagine, Tabatha’s medical bills are extensive; and, as musicians, we try to live modestly. So, winning this $3,000 will allow us to do some fun things together. Every day is a precious gift.”

As for World’s Greatest Videos™, stories like this align closely with the company’s mission of giving all global citizens the opportunity to see the world through the lenses of others. The site and apps feature the world’s first global, viral, continually running, short form video contest. In fact, World’s Greatest Videos™ offers more than 1,000 cash prizes annually, including a $1 million USD* grand prize.

According to company leadership, however, prizes are not the only reason for the success of World’s Greatest Videos™. Whereas some video sites allow negative comments, trolling and cyberbullying, this site allows only positive comments…which is apparently a breath of fresh air for everyone from Gen Z and Millennials to the older “America’s Funniest Videos” crowd.

“If you don’t like a video, you don’t vote for it. It’s that simple,” said World’s Greatest Videos™ 27-year-old president Makayla Allen. “We have videos that feature everything from kids and pets, to wipeouts on skateboards, to goofy skits, to gamers sharing their best moves in an alternate universe. But we are here to build people up; not tear them down. There’s more than enough of that in the world already.”

Not long after winning their prize from World’s Greatest Videos™ Michael took Tabatha and Lyric to the company’s world headquarters in San Antonio. It is located on a wildlife management ranch; and, they thought that would be fun for little Lyric.

(l to r) Makayla Allen, President of World’s Greatest Videos; Lyric Kolodejcak, Michael Carey, Tabatha O’Connor

“She loved feeding the deer,” said Tabatha. “And, she loved the horses. We got so many great photos of her. She’s a ham!”

Lyric Kolodejcak; Michael Carey, co-star of “Down Syndrome Abilities” and qualifier for $1 million USD contest in December; Tabatha O’Connor, Lyric’s mom.

At World’s Greatest Videos™, company employees are not permitted to enter videos in the contest themselves, or advocate for any video creators to win. However, they did share this about Michael’s video.

“When we first saw the video with Michael and Lyric, we reminded ourselves that capturing magic moments like that – and sharing them – is why my co-founder and I started this company,” said Makayla. “Every day when we walk into the headquarters office, we can’t wait to see the videos our six global regions have submitted that day. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry. But we are always glad to provide a positive platform that brings the world closer together.”

Of course, the good news does not end there for Michael, Tabatha and Lyric. Michael’s video is now eligible to enter the World’s Greatest Videos™ $1 million USD* grand prize in December. Also, World’s Greatest Videos™ plans to introduce Michael and Tabatha to their favorite singer when he comes to Austin this fall: Bruce Hornsby and The Range.

In the meantime, Michael has continued to upload great content to World’s Greatest Videos. “I’m glad this gave me the opportunity to showcase the abilities of Down Syndrome children. Lyric has perfect pitch, and the personality to perform. It’s great to know that she has made people smile all across the globe…the same way she makes us smile every day.”

About the World’s Greatest Videos contest winner Michael Carey:

Michael and Tabitha have an acoustic band called Ceasefire that performs in and around San Antonio, including on the city’s historic Riverwalk. Michael is about to release an album he recorded with his father called, All In. Lyric is a future star (how, when and where to be determined, of course)! Michael says that if he wins the $1 million USD* grand prize, it will be “an even greater blessing.”

About World’s Greatest Videos™

World’s Greatest Videos™ is the first global, viral, continually running, short-form video contest. With Weekly Regional Contests and Weekly Global Challenge Contests, the site awards more than 1,000 cash prizes annually (many of which are life-changing in certain parts of the world). To date, the site has awarded more than $228,000 USD.

All first-place winners from both Weekly Regional Contests and Global Challenge Contests are eligible for the $1 million USD* grand prize in December. World’s Greatest Videos™ prides itself on the open, inclusive nature of its site (which is translated in the world’s top 20 languages). The company’s sites and apps encourage users to “Create Local. Win Global™.” They also believe “Talent Has No Borders™” and want to provide the platform that allows all global citizens the opportunity to see the world through the lenses of other World’s Greatest Videos™ members.

Lyric Kolodejcak, co-star of “Down Syndrome Abilities”

To join the World’s Greatest Videos community, download the iOS or Android app, or visit wgvs.com.


August 20, 2019 Rita Mort, Executive Vice President, Marketing
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