Allbebet blockchain platform announces first IEO round on Coineal

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2019 / Allbebet – an AI-driven blockchain betting platform – has announced the first round of its initial exchange offering, to take place on August 26 and 27 on the Coineal exchange. The project will offer 1% of all its tokens at the price of ETH 0.00015 each.

Gambling and betting are considered some of the most promising applications for blockchain. Decentralized technology drastically reduces the risk of fraud – both by online casinos and bookmakers and by players themselves. Tokenized betting and gaming also makes instant cross-border payouts possible, eliminating a major pain point for all players – cashing out winnings.

Allbebet takes the decentralized betting model one step further with its AI-enhanced platform for social and team betting. Social betting is on the rise, with more and more sites offering users the ability to make casual bets with their friends. With blockchain and cryptographic tokens added into the mix, the issue of recording the results and paying out the winnings can finally be automated, creating an efficient P2P betting ecosystem.

On Allbebet, players don’t bet against the house, and there are no preset odds or coefficients. Rather, users place bets against each other, choosing among hundreds of events or creating their own. Bettors will also be able to form teams and compete for higher ratings.

The project is currently working on a groundbreaking AI algorithm that will be able to predict event outcomes with up to 70% accuracy. The neural network will process vast amounts of data, including the results of past games, player transfers, disqualifications, game schedules, and much more. The implementation of the latest machine-learning technology will also allow the algorithm to learn. It will analyze all winninaul@stankeviciusmgm.comg and losing bets made by players on the platform, search for patterns, and update its own forecasting mechanism. This way, the AI will keep increasing the accuracy of its predictions beyond 70%. All results and predictions will be made available to all bettors to ensure a level playing field and maximum chances of winning.

The project has chosen the IEO format to ensure full legal compliance and protect the interests of token buyers. The price offered in the first round – ETH 0.00015 per token – is 25% lower than the expected price in the second round. Coineal is ranked among the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges globally, according to CoinMarketCap, with a daily trading volume of almost $1 billion.

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