Infinite Peripherals enhances all-in-one healthcare device with RFID based mobile security.

Convenience and security across hospital departments, employees, and
point-of-care devices have never been more accessible now with the
Infinea X DF

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Infinite Peripherals, a leader in enterprise mobility solutions,
announced the launch of the Infinea X DF, a next-generation all-in-one
medical mobility device for iPhone® 6S, 7 and 8. Infinite
Peripherals has collaborated with trusted identity leader HID Global®
to create the first mobile device of its kind. The new Infinea X DF
integrated device is designed to increase efficiency, improve
communication, and streamline hospital workflows. With embedded HID
technology providing a compact, power efficient dual-frequency reader,
plus a high-speed and accurate barcode scanner, and healthcare-grade
materials, the Infinea X DF is the most secure and comprehensive device
that Infinite Peripherals has ever developed.

“The RFID reader in the Infinea X DF represents a new milestone in
reading contactless identity credentials from a mobile device. In
collaboration with Infinite Peripherals, HID developed a next-generation
card reader with innovative antenna design that reliably reads a wide
range of user credentials, while being optimized for the size and power
constraints of mobile devices. Supporting low and high frequency
credentials plus HID’s Mobile Access technology, this design is ideal
for today’s healthcare identity challenges, where staff and devices are
always on the move,” said Michael Chaudoin, VP Product Marketing,
Extended Access Technologies, HID Global.

As digital medical records enable faster and more efficient access to
patient information, identity protocols and data protection have never
been more crucial. With single sign-on and multi-user shared device
workflows, clinicians and hospitals can maintain security while
improving quality of care, allowing caregivers to spend more time with
their patients.

“HID Global is a tried-and-true leader in healthcare security. Together,
we wanted to create an all-in-one device that enables a secure and
compliant healthcare ecosystem for patients and employees. With the
Infinea X DF, multiple caregivers can do more from a single, protected
mobile device. This next-generation technology sets the stage for a new
era of healthcare efficiency,” said Ralph Ignacio, VP of Marketing of
Infinite Peripherals.

The Infinea X DF sets the stage for a new era of hospital efficiency:

  • Improve efficiency on the hospital floor while maintaining heightened
    security protocols.
  • Boost productivity and increase compliance with convenient access for
    all users.
  • Increase accountability with password reset maintenance and
    efficiently manage accounts across multiple systems.
  • Tailor clinical communication alerts via simple integration with
    easy-to-use API/SDK.
  • Support legacy formats, the latest high frequency credentials, and HID
    Mobile Access.
  • Custom healthcare-grade materials provide durability and stability for
    demanding hospital environments.

The Infinea X DF is the latest addition to an expanding healthcare
mobility ecosystem. Together with the Imperea (camera-based scanning
solution) and the Linea Pro 7i (asset tracking and supply chain), the
Infinea X DF provides mobility across multiple health system departments.

Come see the Infinea X DF in action at HIMSS 2019 at Infinite
Peripherals Booth #2089. To schedule an appointment, contact Sharon
Runyon, Director of Marketing at

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Sharon Runyon, Director of Marketing

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